Irupé is a resort wear brand born out of a desire to enhance life´s treasured moments

Our modern approach to design is rooted in cross-cultural collaboration and strengthened by the evocation of nature

After spending twenty years learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry, the native Argentinian founders decided to use their wealth of knowledge and experience to create something meaningful - something new.

They took time to reflect, find a sense of clarity, and discover life’s hidden treasures. As a result, they grew closer to their artisan partners, whose work and wisdom became an integral reminder of their universal connection to the world and each other.

From these simple moments of clarity, discovery, and reflection and a multidimensional perspective, Irupé bloomed.



Quality - We take a mindful approach to our sourcing, manufacturing, and design. Every collection is brought to life by artisans using time-honored techniques and traditions passed on from generation to generation.


Confort - Whether you are on vacation or unwinding from a long day oo work, wearing Irupé is your reminder to find comfort and beauty in the little things by taking time to pause and reflect. With soft, sustainable fabrics we invite the mind to ease into simply being


Well-being - We cherish happiness and aim to lead a life that is fulfilling and peaceful. We hope to guide our customers on the jouney of enrichment whether they are forging a new path or re-discovering a well-traveled one.